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Aquatic activities
for all

The aquatic activities offered by the Aquaclub offer the advantage of being accessible to all ages, whatever the level of each, and in all seasons.

For the little ones

Toddlers find an ideal play environment in the water with their parents. Fear of water does not exist in infants who have excellent motor skills in water. Take advantage of these optimal conditions to give your child the taste of swimming in a fun and ideal environment. Little “splash”, big cries, and a lot of shared happiness, this is what a session of baby swimmers looks like at the Aquaclub.

Suggested activities: Aqua-Baby, Aqua-garden.

For children and teens

When you live so close to the ocean and near lakes, it is important that your children and teens are not afraid of the water and can swim. It is also a complete sporting activity that they love to share with friends.

Suggested activities: Aqua-beginner, Aqua-Performance.

For adults
and seniors:
new Aqua-stand up paddle!

Swimming is a complete sport which stimulates all the muscles of the body and which develops endurance. It harmoniously stresses the respiratory and pulmonary system, allows the joints to be relieved of the limited body weight on the joints, soothes and relaxes. At the Aquaclub, adults can practice various activities to keep in shape, keep their shape or simply learn to swim. As for the seniors, they find in this environment one of the rare possibilities to practice a physical activity, not aggressive and not traumatic.

Suggested activities: Aqua-beginner, Aqua-Zumba, Aqua-stand up paddle, Aquaphobie, Aqua-Prénatal, Aquagym, Aquados, Aqua-relaxation.

“Do yourself good without hurting yourself!”

Aquatic gymnastics, or aquagym, is an effective but gentle physical activity. Thanks to regular practice, everyone can maintain and develop their muscles, while refining their silhouette.
Over the sessions, Aquagym allows you to acquire flexibility, muscle strengthening and an intensification of cardiopulmonary capacities.
You do not need to know how to swim to practice this activity.

Aqua-relaxation is ideal for seniors. The objective of these sessions is to allow you to practice an effective physical activity, painlessly, gently, while sparing your joints and respecting the natural movements of your body.
Specific sessions for seniors, more adapted in terms of schedules, are offered.
To practice this activity, it is not necessary to know how to swim.

Using different aquatic and terrestrial workshops, combining both; swimming, fins and loads we will improve your strength, your resistance as well as your cardio.
Taken from the cross fit of sports halls and adapted to the aquatic environment, aquatraining will bring together everything you are looking for using water as charge (resistance) or discharge (flotation) you will sculpt your body while improving your physical condition and your aquatic skills.

Are you afraid of water?
Can you swim but fear the depth?
You don’t like to put your head underwater?
Isn’t water your element?

For adults, the first cause of fear of water is ignorance of the environment. On the other hand, learning carried out in bad conditions can cause significant stress.
There is nothing irreversible about the fear of water! It is always possible to be totally reconciled with water and to enjoy water activities, at any age.
In a safe, respectful and humane setting, our lifeguards will accompany you during the acquisition of the basics, and at your own pace.
Three groups of levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

To offer your baby early contact with water is to open up a rich and vast field of experience and discovery.
Heated to 32 ° C, the water offers specific and varied sensory stimuli as well as support for motor activities adapted to the youngest age, thanks to the development of the basin.
The warm and reassuring emotional climate of this practice contributes to the psychological development and social awakening of the child.

Between 3 and 6 years old, the child, less dependent on his parents, becomes able to integrate into a group. Thanks to a playful arrangement of the pool heated to 32 ° C, your children evolve in shallow water (less than 90 cm) and, through the games offered, can develop their imagination, creativity as well as their motor skills.
Parents are strongly invited to participate in the sessions. Indeed, their presence is necessary to create an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure, the children’s play taking all its value in a good relational climate with the adults available.

Knowing how to swim is not only limited to learning classic swimming, but reflects your child’s ability to chain actions in the aquatic environment.
Above all, he must learn to balance, breathe, move in the water.
The first stage of learning is devoted to the progressive acquisition of the basics of behavior in the water, then in a second time to the initiation to swimming techniques commonly used (breaststroke, crawl and backstroke).
In all cases, the rate of progression of each child is taken into account and learning is adapted to their level of understanding, according to their fears or their achievements …

These courses are intended for children who wish, after learning, to improve the techniques acquired, improve basic swimming, discover and learn the other three.
Children will find in this physical activity an energy expenditure, a better knowledge of themselves, as well as a good means of communication and sharing with others.
They also concern adults wishing to stay in shape through an activity whose intensity is adapted to each.
Relaxation is the watchword, no performance is expected.
Please note: this course is for people who know how to perform 25m nonstop in the swim of their choice (even if the style is not academic …).

Water aerobics is an ideal activity to keep in shape during your pregnancy. During these sessions, you are supervised by a team of lifeguards and midwives. Water carries, envelops, relaxes muscles and releases tensions. The body weightless in water is relieved of its weight. You thus spare your joints, your tendons, your back and can thus maintain a gentle physical activity from the 3rd month until the end of your pregnancy.
There are few contraindications to this practice, a medical opinion is however requested.

All activities are maintained during the holidays (except summer and Christmas).

For all these activities a medical certificate of less than 3 months is compulsory.