Accueil Soustons

Soustons, between forest and ocean

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the south coast of the Landes, bathed by five lakes and surrounded by the largest forest in Europe, Soustons enjoys a privileged location at the gates of the Basque Country, Spain and the Pyrenees … Thanks In this exceptional natural environment, its terroir, its traditions firmly rooted, Soustons offers all year round a varied range of leisure activities, discoveries, to the delight of adults … and children. This wealth, its pleasant climate and the hospitality of its inhabitants make Soustons an ideal tourist resort for family holidays.

Unlimited sports!

From its large spaces, the ocean and its endless beach, its lakes linked by paths or rivers and the forest populated by slender pines, Soustons offers the best of it: supervised swimming at the ocean beach and on the marine lake, once water sports (sailing, catamaran, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing), 70 km of hiking trails in the forest, a cycle path that links Soustons to Port d’Albert, mountain bike trails, a golf course ( nine-hole course), numerous fishing and surfcasting possibilities… The magnificent rollers of the Ocean make Port d’Albret one of the wildest spots on the Atlantic coast which attracts more and more surfers… A multitude of sports for all tastes!

Leisure throughout the year

Cultural life is just as rich. The traditional Tulip festival in spring brings together over 10,000 spectators at each edition and inaugurates the start of the tourist season in an original, colorful way. Follow in season the Gastronomic Fair of the 5 Landes Terroirs, the great Departmental Country Festival, the Grand Truc Gascon (Gascon festival). Note: the Lyric Art festival which takes place every summer in Soustons attracts very many music lovers, coming from all over Aquitaine.

An authentic heritage to discover

Soustons is a village which lives all year round and which carefully cultivates its traditions as well as its exceptional environment. The Museum of Traditions and Old Tools at the Château de la Pandelle, the church with its Roman porch, the beautiful half-timbered Landes houses, the old washhouses, the Vicomte fountain, the François Mitterrand memorial, its craftsmen, and nearby its reserves and natural parks are essential.

Ferias, bandas and bodegas!

Soustons and the south coast of the Landes put on their festive clothes very regularly. So from May 1, there appear planted here and there pretty flowering pines, it is the “but” which honor their recipients and which give rise to the traditional Maïade festivals. Then there are the festivals of the districts of Subtonnais which are linked: the Hardy, Sterling, Mora, Costemale … But it is especially in summer that the ferias of the Southwest know their peak. Thus the festivals of Soustons which last five days in August attract all the aficionados festayres. Landes cow races, novillada, wading shows and Basque pelota tournaments follow one another to the delight of visitors. In the evening, it’s the “heste” in all the bodegas in the city: we sing, dance and drink there until very late at night. Five days during which daily life stops to give way to excess. A highlight not to be missed under any circumstances!

A renowned gastronomy

The South-West of France and particularly the Landes benefit from a generous nature which results in a renowned gastronomy. Soustons and its surroundings offer many traditional restaurants and tasting farms where you can taste without moderation the recognized delicacies of the Landes terroir – foie gras, candied, garbure, tourtière – or less known kiwi, peanut … Without forgetting crêperies, pizzerias, brasseries, snack bars…

Services above all!

Town hall, post office, doctors, transport, shops, hypermarket … Soustons is a city that lives all year round and has all the services! On the other hand, nearly a hundred associations make up the associative landscape of the city, proof of a dynamism which is no longer demonstrated. Welcome to Soustons!

Soustons, practical

Soustons, a page of history

Soustons is located on the former bed of the Adour, diverted in the Middle Ages to Bayonne. “Boucau” in Landes dialect means “mouth” and this is how we find the town of Vieux-Boucau, neighbor of Soustons, where the river once flowed, and that of Boucau, opposite Bayonne to the southern end of the Landes where the Adour now flows. Its history remains however strongly identified with the resin trees which harvested the resin of the pines, and with the cork makers who recovered the cork on the oaks. Soustons was also the holiday resort of François Mitterrand who came to seek calm and rest in the sheepfold of Latché for 35 years. A statue of the former President of the Republic accompanied by his dog is located just in front of the Tourist Office.

Cycle paths

Soustons / Soustons-plage 7 km including 4.6 km in the middle of the forest.
Soustons-plage: tour of the marine lake 4 km.
Other possibilities from Soustons: Join the northern coast by bike path: Vieux Boucau, Messanges, Moliets, Léon (Soustons / Léon 20 km).
Join the southern coast by cycle track: Seignosse, Hossegor, Capbreton, Labenne (Soustons Labenne just over 30 km).

Hiking tours

GR8 20 km signposted (tour of the marine lake).
Boucle du Marensin 10 km and 5 km signposted (departure and arrival at the Airial campsite).

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