Accueil Sports Center High-end installations
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Indoor installations
& activities

Lake sports hall:

1 judo hall
1 handball field
1 basketball court
1 tennis court
1 Basque pelota pediment
3 volleyball courts
7 badminton courts

Fountain gymnasium:

1 weight room
1 handball field
1 basketball court
1 tennis court
2 volleyball courts
5 badminton courts
2 climbing walls of – 3m


Outdoor installations
& activities

4 outdoor tennis courts
1 park skateboard
1 multisports ground (city stadium)
1 orientation space course

L’Isle Verte sports center:

1 football field
2 rugby fields
1 body of water

Rémy Goalard stadium:

1 rugby field
1 Basque pelota pediment

Mora stadium:

1 honor football field
1 training soccer field
1 outdoor bowling alley


The Isle Verte sports and nautical center invites you to discover sailing on catamarans, kayaking, stand up paddle, surfing as well as coastal rescue.

You can also enjoy the descent of the Soustons current on kayaks or paddles.

This current joins the lake of Soustons city to the marine lake of port of Albret. Finally, you can test your climbing skills in our new course in the trees offering several courses of different levels.

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